The staff of Dr. Sonneborn’s office is trained to provide efficient, high-quality care. We strive to make each and every visit as pleasant as possible. We take pride in our training and we feel the care we provide is second to none. Our staff is CPR certified for your peace of mind.

Since we are constantly striving for improvement, we welcome your comments. We hope your experience with us will be a pleasant one and one that will provide you and your family with fantastic smiles that will last a lifetime!

Clinical Staff

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Connie Richardson, COA

My name is Connie Richardson; I was born and raised in Jackson, MI, Graduated from Lumen Christi High School. I started in the orthodontic field in 1979 and fell in love with it. I have been with Dr. Sonneborn for 24 years and thoroughly enjoy working for him. It’s rewarding to work with the patients and hearing about their life adventures and challenges. It is gratifying to see the orthodontic procedure through to completion and being a part of the beautiful smiles Dr. Sonneborn achieves. Beyond working with patients my duties include, ordering office supplies, taking x-rays, which I am also a certified in tracing x-rays for Dr. Sonneborn’s treatment planning, making bite splints and shopping on a weekly basis to supply water and snacks for our patients. My husband Mike and I have been married for 39 years and I have 3 wonderful daughters and 5 beautiful grandchildren. In my spare time I enjoy golfing, beading and spending time with my grandchildren.

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Alanna Markell

Hi, my name is Alanna Markell. I have worked for Dr. Sonneborn for 7 years. I really enjoy my job because I get to meet new people everyday and getting a chance to interact with patients and parents over the time of their treatment. I really enjoy working with the girls in the clinic area. We always seem to entertain the patients and they always get a good laugh on how goofy we get. They also enjoy the juice, cookies, TV and video games in the waiting room for FREE!! I highly recommend Dr. Sonneborn’s office to anyone in need of braces. He has a great staff! Now, when I’m not working at Dr. Sonneborn’s awesome office, I am fishing, going riding on the trails on my 4-wheeler, playing softball or enjoying time with my wonderful family. I have two children, Devon 7, and Ayva 3, and my wonderful husband Jake and I have been married for 3 years now. One thing nobody really knows is that I sell Lia Sophia Jewelry and I love it. We hope to see you soon!!!

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Lacey Miller

My name is Lacey Miller; I have been a clinical assistant for the past 5 years. I have been married 3 years and have one son, Myles who is 1 1/2. We also have a dog and two cats. In my spare time I enjoy reading, watching Michigan football and Detroit Tigers! One fun thing about myself, I grew up on a farm in southern Michigan in Amish country and I have only lived in Jackson for the past 5 years. I really enjoy working with my patients. I want everyone to feel comfortable with me. My favorite party of my job in the relationship I get to develop with my co-workers and patients. It is truly a family environment. Dr. Sonneborn refers to us as his “day family” and it is a nice feeling. The office environment feels very friendly and relaxed. We really want our patients to have the most positive experience possible. We hope you come and see us so you can find out for yourself!

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Nicole Adler

Hi, I’m Nicole. I’m engaged to my best friend of 8 years, Erik. I have 4 wonderful children that are the most important part of my life. Jaden is my oldest daughter, she is 12 and a middle schooler, Shayla is my second daughter, she is 9 and in 3rd grade, Bayleigh is my third daughter and she is 5 and in Kindergarten. Lucas is my oldest son and he is 4 and in Pre-School. I will be having another boy by the end of November, making it 5 children. I love doing activities and traveling with my family. My oldest girls are in sports and my youngest daughter is a dancer. They keep me busy on my free time going to games and practices. A fun fact about me that you may not know is that I grew up in Southern California and am a “California Girl” at heart. The second most important part of my life is my job. I have been an orthodontic assistant for Dr. Sonneborn going on 9 years in Jan. 1012. My duties as an assistant are cementing ortho appliances, changing wires, taking beginning and after photos, molds and x-rays and assisting Dr. Sonneborn with the needs of each patient. My favorite part of the job is watching the transformation of the patients throughout their treatment. Also, to help patients feel comfortable with their smiles is a rewarding part of the job. I really like to get to know each patient by talking with them about their lives and getting to know them on a personal basis. At Dr. Sonneborn’s office there is never a boring day. Each day is challenging in a good way, making my work day exciting and making the time to by fast too. Dr. Sonneborn is like a father to me and you just find that at any job. Most all of us have been working with Dr. Sonneborn for over 5 years so we really appreciate each other.

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Jaime Valdez

Hi, my name is Jaime Valdez and I have been an orthodontic assistant here for over 11 years. I have been happily married for 8 years. My husband Robert and I have 3 children, Paiton, Robbie and Matthew. We also have a dog named blue and a cat named Bruno. In my spare time, I enjoy going on bike rides, playing uno, and spending time with my family. You might find it odd, but a random fact about me is that I love sliced pickles on my pizza. I know it sounds gross, but it really is delicious. At Dr. Sonneborn’s office we have a lot of fun together. It is great getting to work with your friend’s everyday. I love working at Dr. Sonneborn’s office because I get a chance to interact with several patients throughout the day and the work I do is never repetitive. We offer free beverages and snacks to everyone in our waiting room (not to mention several free video games). I always make my patient’s feel comfortable by getting to know a little more about them. At Dr. Sonneborn’s office we are always training and working towards a common goal, to make our patient’s comfortable while improving their smile.

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Jessica Caldwell

Hi, my name is Jessica Caldwell. I have been an orthodontic assistant for 5 years for Dr. Sonneborn. I have been married for 5 years to my husband Nick and we have two wonderful boys. We also have an Australian shepherd. In our free time we enjoy spending it at the lake and with our family. Something you may not know about me is I love crafts and also anything to do with the ocean. We made our house feel like a beach house. Some of my favorite things about working here is building a relationship with my patients and seeing the progress from start to finish. I love the giant smile we get at the end of treatment. Dr. Sonneborn has such a great personality he is a lot of fun to work for and he brings life into the clinic area. Our office is such a great place to work, the staff is all wonderful and so full of great personalities, they are my second family.

 Office Staff

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Michelle Sanford

My name is Michelle Sanford; I hail from Coldwater, but now live in Bronson. My fiancé is Jason and I have a total of 6 children, Dustin who is 22 and in the US Marines stationed in California, Branden is 18, Corbin is 17, then we have Desirae and she is 13 and Caitlin is 11 and last but not least we have Zachary who is 9. I have 3 dogs as well, peppers, Cesar and Baby Girl. I love spending my spare time with my family. We do a lot of gardening in the summer. I also help my fiancé work on cars. I have worked for Dr. Sonneborn for 10 years and have enjoyed every year I have been here. Dr. Sonneborn is a very giving man. I am one of two new patient coordinators and I have several duties that include but are not limited to standard office duties. I answer the phones and field questions that our families may have with their accounts, insurance and even their braces. I am one of the first people you will meet when you come into our office. I enjoy meeting all the different people that we help and I love seeing the transformation of the children over the years. The children and families are amazed by our office from the first moment they walk through the doors. We provide coffee, juice, water and snacks for family members and patients. We also have video games that keep the kids busy while they wait. There is even a TV for our parents while they are waiting as well. We have a very family friendly office.

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Kathy King

My name is Kathy King. I am a new patient coordinator; I am one of the first people you will meet when you come into our office. My duties include, but not limited to, taking patient calls, scheduling appointments, taking payments and x-rays. I have been with my husband Ken for 8 years and I am also the proud mother of my 20 year old son, Jourdin. My other loves of my life are my “fur babies”, Tika, Quincy, Sidney, Shak and Logan. I am an avid photographer in my free time for friends and family. I capture all of their “special occasions” on film. I also enjoy scenic photography, which is displayed in various places throughout my home. My other favorite pastime is supporting my husband’s band and meeting new people while attending their shows at various venues around town. I thoroughly enjoy getting to know each and every patient on a personal level. My favorite part about my job is working with my co-workers as a team and doing my part to contribute to making your orthodontic experience as pleasant as possible. We are a unified bunch and work well together. Dr. Sonneborn has a well earned, outstanding reputation in the field of orthodontics. He makes it easy to come to work everyday with a smile, and that sets the tone for our patients, who are the reason we are here. I am proud to be part of his team. Our office is designed around the idea of enabling the patients to feel at ease and as comfortable as possible. In our lobby we provide many of the comforts of home including a TV, video games, and even full sized arcade games to appeal to our younger patients. We have been told we have the “coolest” lobby around. I would have to agree. We are like family here, and we will go the extra mile to make you feel a part of “our” family.

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Heather Swick

Hi, I’m Heather Swick; I have been a receptionist/new patient coordinator and bookkeeper for Dr. Sonneborn for 15 years. I love the fast pace of our office, meeting new people and interacting with the patients and getting to know them on a personal level. I live with my boyfriend Dan,and his two children, Cody who is 13 and Chloe who is 3, and I have 2 children of my own Garrett who is 15 and a sophomore in High school and Aubrey is also 13 and in 8th grade. Our teenagers keep up busy with their sports throughout the year and the little one just keeps us busy in general. In my spare time, I enjoy traveling, hanging out in the pool with the kids in the summer, walking and spending time with my family. One thing you probably don’t know about me is that I was in the Flag Corp at Coldwater High School and was the Lieutenant for my junior and senior year. Another fun fact about me is that I have traveled all over the United States when I was in junior high with my church youth group. I have been in many different places and seen many different things! I greet the patients that come into Dr. Sonneborn’s office along with schedule appointments and I am the new patient coordinator so I help the families who come to our office make this important decision for their family by making them comfortable with our office and staff. Working with Dr. Sonneborn is great, he is like a father figure to most of us since we have been here for so long and that is an awesome thing! The staff has known each other for a long time and we are like a small family, so it does make the office a comfortable place to walk into.

Laboratory Staff

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Jason Dack

Hi, my name is Jason and I am a lab tech at Dr. Sonneborn’s office. I love riding quads, playing video games and hanging out with friends in my off time. As a lab tech at Dr. Sonneborn’s my duties include consultation model making and retainer fabrication along with other orthodontic appliances. Dr. Sonneborn has sent me to Great Lakes Orthodontics in Buffalo, NY several times for training classes to further my knowledge of my duties. He wants to make sure we are up to date on the newest technology. I love my job, my boss and my co-workers, we make a great team. I love knowing I am part of the process of making great smiles!


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Nic Belt

Hi my name is Nic Belt. I am a laboratory technician here at Dr. Sonneborn’s office. I live in Battle Creek with my wife Natasha and our son Austin. I started working with Dr. Sonneborn in 2010 and have been in the orthodontic field since 2001. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with Dr. Sonneborn and I look forward to many years of making high quality retainers and appliances for his patients.